Slowing Things Down…Slightly

Last Tuesday I cleaned out my desk and packed up a box of personal belongings kept at work – bills, tax documents and other odds-and-ends that should probably be stored at home but had never made their way back to their originating spot! This is the cleanest my desk has been probably since starting with my employer, almost 6 years ago!

Lucky for me my Program and Project Manager agreed to let me work from home the last week and a half of my pregnancy.

In other locations working from home may not be highly desirable, but in the DC Metro area where a one-way commute is typically 1.5 hours, the ability to forgo waking early to shower, dress, and sit in traffic gives me back approximately 3.5 – 4  hours of my life each day!

I will be returning to work after the baby is born, but will be off for sixteen weeks!  My company will cover my pay for twelve of the sixteen weeks using a combination of short-term disability and paid paternal leave along with maxing out my paid time off.  The last four weeks that I am home will be without pay.

I am looking forward to spending time with my baby and husband without feeling rushed to get back at the job right away.  And I can’t wait to turn the computer off and become disconnected….


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