My Bags are Packed!

Well my bags are almost packed!  My husband has stressed me out about having my hospital bag ready at approximately 32 – 33 weeks.  He was convinced we would go into early labor (too early labor…men have no idea until they have gone through this once that the lucky, safe number is 37 weeks).  Anyhow, I finally purchased and packed up the items I think are critical during our stay minus a few last minute things I hopefully have time to throw in the suitcase.

Here is what I included…

1. Baby coming home outfit (1 outfit that is newborn size and 1 that is 0 – 3 months…we don’t know how small or big she may be).

2. Mommy coming home outfit…maternity top with a choice of black sweat pants or black sweat capri’s (not trying to look fancy here).

3. Flip-flops for potential walking/laboring at hospital. Also will be handy for showers at hospital.

4. Breast-feeding Bravado brand tank top…only one for now, they are $50 per tank top.  With an already busty top-half the Target brands just wouldn’t provide the support my “twins” need!

5. Two pairs of new pajamas! I LOVE pajamas.  I purchased one set that has a top and bottom.  Although the top doesn’t have buttons (needed for easy breast feeding) it has an elastic area that is easy to pull down.  I also purchased a cute one piece night gown…normally NOT my style however, several mom’s told me that if I have a c-section or tear bad “down there” it will be easier and more comfortable to not have bottoms on. Best prices and variety at Marshalls!

6. Granny panties! Purchased a box from Motherhood Maternity that have a fold down (in case of c-section) and another set from Marshalls that is a soft material with no tough elastic.

7. Pads…it is a sad thing but after 9 months of no period I have been informed I will bleed after birth, like a period, for potentially weeks.  And although the hospital supplies pads I have heard mixed reviews on them so I purchased a small box.

8. Nipple cream and breast pads.

9. The Moby Wrap!  I have heard this thing is a life saver but a bit complicated to use.  The hospital told us if we bring it with us a lactation specialist will show us how to wrap it correctly!

10. Toiletries ranging from travel sized shampoo/conditioner, face wash, tooth brush etc.

11. Husband’s clothing items…”swishy” pants, two t-shirts, boxers and socks.

Still needed…lap top, cell phone charger, camera, video camera, magazines, and snacks!  Oh and my birthing ball!! It isn’t packed because I am using it now, but it will be coming along!!

Did I miss anything important?!


4 thoughts on “My Bags are Packed!

  1. Wow! It’s so close now! How exciting! I recommend socks! Believe it or not you can get pretty chilly when giving birth. And if you have a boppy or breast feeding pillow, I would bring that too! Good luck! Can’t wait to see pics of your little girl!

  2. I second the robe suggestion. Wish I had one last time. I bought one 2 weeks ago to wear at the hospital. Other than that you seem all set! So excited for you!

  3. I second the boppy! You will definitely need it. Oh and a pillow for you and a pillow for hubby. If you are breastfeeding you will use all the hospital pillows as support. And if for some reason you have to have a c-section you’ll need them to help you sit up/sleep.

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