Our Nursery…

Our nursery isn’t 100% complete – we still need to find some wall art for one side of the room, put some shelving up, and  and figure out what we will do about a glider or rocker, but for the most part these pictures show the almost complete room we created for our little girl.  Take a look at the before and after photos throughout the process….

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I have to give a big thank you to my father who flew in from Florida and who slaved over this room for 15+ hours sanding, patching, and painting every single molding, corner, edge, ceiling and wall…two times!  He said, “This room has to be perfect for my granddaughter”.  I am so blessed to have such a giving father who truly wanted to be part of the development and creation of our first nursery.


2 thoughts on “Our Nursery…

  1. I know I got to see the nursery in person but it is just so beautiful in the pictures too! You guys did an amazing job, I can’t wait to see the little peanut sleeping in her gorgeous crib! xoxoxo

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