Where to Register: Babies R’ Us vs. Buy Buy Baby

Besides having to decide what to register for we also had to decide at what store(s) to register.  Having a geographically dispersed family on both sides didn’t help as my favorite baby store, Buy Buy Baby, owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, isn’t a nation wide store.  And although Babies R’ Us is easy to find, my distaste for their customer service, return policy, product display and limited availability of items made me hesitant to “sign up” with them.

So I decided to register at both stores and this is why…


–When you register they give you a personal shopper that walks you through each section of the store (strollers, car seats, bathing, bedding etc) and explains the benefits and negatives of different brands and types of products.  The personal shopper makes sure to include “experts” in each section that can answer specific questions – they have an answer for everything and very honestly don’t recommend the most expensive items!

–They have every item you could want for your baby and if it is not in stock they will order it and ship it to their local store free of charge.  When we stopped in prior to actually registering we mentioned wanting a specific stroller that was not in stock yet – they called me weeks later just to inform me they were available for purchase!

–The store is arranged just like Bed Bath & Beyond where each section is logically organized and housed with items from the ceiling to the floor.  Display models are intact, clean, with no broken or dirty parts.

–They have a lax return policy…just keep the box and have the item on your registry!

–Their customer service is exceptional and welcoming.  You never feel like a burden and most of their representatives are parents who share what worked for them!

–They accept Bed Bath & Beyond’s non-expired 20% off coupons!


–They only opened in 1996 and are slowly growing with locations only in 13 states.

–Some people complain that their prices are higher than other baby stores.


–You can find one no matter what state or city you live in!

–There is one across the street from where we live, so although not my favorite I can easily see weekly trips occurring based simply off convenience.

–They sell most brands of products and regularly have sales.  If you sign up for their specials they will mail you monthly coupons for usually $5 off.


–Most employees are young, not parents, and know the basic information about the product unable to provide depth to comparing items.  Most 16 year old’s their can’t tell you why one nipple cream is better over another.

–They sale “part of products”.  For example, they sell the “Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper” but don’t sell the sheet that fits the product!  They also sold a car seat we were interested in but didn’t have available in-store or online the adapter we needed to match!


4 thoughts on “Where to Register: Babies R’ Us vs. Buy Buy Baby

  1. BBB for sure! Better quality products and using the online ordering system is easy for people who don’t have one in their area. Also, consider Amazon b/c almost everyone has used it before and they have everything you could ever need/want!!! Good luck! Registering is so fun!

  2. I wish I would have known about Buy Buy Baby, maybe they will open one in Buffalo. I agree with most of your comments about BRU, however they recently redeemed themselves in my eyes. I went in to order a glider (glides, reclines and swivels) and ottoman and returned home. I received a call from the store stating they ordered the wrong chair and the chair I wanted actually was priced higher but it was in stock (no 12-week wait). When I returned to the store I dealt with a manager who was as nice as could be and he reduced the amount of the combo even further since I had to come back in!

  3. Lisa that is a plus and like with most franchises some areas have a GREAT Babies R’ Us and others just don’t. I find this with Marshall’s, Macy’s etc. My mom purchased me several things from Babies R Us in NY and they said they would call me and have I could pick them up in VA since they were in stock. 3 weeks later and no one ever called. My mom called them again and they said I picked them up — which never happened. Anyhow, there was a break down in communication somewhere and I was shocked when I DID pick up the items and they never checked my license or anything! Granted – I will shop there bc they are right across the street!

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