Shop Til You Pop!

My husband took me on another successful maternity shopping trip in Fairfax Corner! There is a Destination Maternity superstore in Fairfax Corner that carries a variety of brands, from Pea in a Pod (my favorite but super expensive) to Motherhood Maternity.  Prior to being pregnant I spent many football Sunday afternoons strolling the mall for 5+ hours only to come home empty handed.  My  goal was never really to buy anything unless I loved it and could imagine it with several different outfits.  Being a picky shopper who thought everything looked bad on me saved my husband a ton of money!  He could trust I could shop for hours and spend virtually nothing!  Now, things have changed!

Since being pregnant I actually like clothes shopping more than when I wasn’t pregnant.  Part of the reason is I don’t criticize myself in outfits as much!  I mean, I am pregnant — nothing is going to make me look skinny!  And color…If I brought home one more black shirt I think my husband might have gone mad (pre-pregnancy of course)!  But now, I LIKE color.  Again, stripes, patterns, colors — nothing will hide the bump so why not flaunt it with pretty materials?!  But most of all what excites me is that my husband, an anti-mall shopper, comes with me on most of my clothing trips!  He enjoys maternity shopping because there are only a handful of stores we can browse and now, he is part of the process — picking out shirt after shirt for me to try on!

The bad news is…when I shop now I buy more and maternity clothes aren’t cheap.  However, we have so much fun doing this together that the expense is worth it!


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