Dreaming of a Good Night Sleep

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog you know that I’ve been having a rather easy pregnancy.  That was, until now. My newest pregnancy pet peeve is in the inability to sleep in any other position then on my left side or right side.  To be blunt – it sucks!

I have always been a belly sleeper, typically with one light slightly bent upwards.  And for the beginning of pregnancy, sleeping in any position was rather easy.  But as my belly grew and as I approached the 20 week mark (when sleeping on your belly and back is discouraged) my inability to get comfortable developed at a rapid pace.  Seven weeks later, I rarely have a night that I don’t wake up several times to pee and readjust my pillows in front, behind, or in between my legs.  I can honestly say that the lack of consistent, comfortable sleep has been the worst aspect of pregnancy so far.  I just keep guessing that this is preparation for the lack of sleep I am about to experience once our baby is born!


One thought on “Dreaming of a Good Night Sleep

  1. Ya know, they say that, but Julie was a fantastic sleeper. She was doing 5 hour stretches at around 6 weeks. Now, she’ll do 7+, almost 8 at a time before needing to be fed. And then we feed her, change her, and she’ll go back to sleep as long as it’s dark outside.

    But I hear ya on the lack of comfort. That was my biggest issue, too.

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