Tyra Would Be Proud…Our Maternity Photo Shoot Experience

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Santa was quite good to me this year, especially “Santa Husband”!  One of the many gifts he gave me was a maternity photo shoot!  This is a testament to what a wonderful husband he is because I never mentioned wanting a maternity photo shoot, but of course I did spend some time looking at other mom’s-to-be photos admiring their beauty and growing bellies; however, with costs mounting between Christmas gifts, home projects, and unexpected Vet bills, I didn’t want to ask for too much so I figured this was something we would pass on.  My husband on the other hand, thought this was a must-do and something we would have fun experiencing together!  He was right, again!

Our photographer was a friend of my husband’s, Mike Burn, owner of Woodburn Photography. We met him at his shared studio space, Union 206 in Alexandria, Virginia.  The studio has several different back drops and settings that were perfect for me and my husband’s personalities giving our photos a variety of traditional, modern and vintage looking backgrounds.  Mike made us feel comfortable right away and let us structure our day at our own speed allowing incorporation of his creative eye and our own needs.

You can check out Mike’s blog to see a teaser of our photo shoot. Of course I will post many of the pictures here once we receive the final edits!  If you are considering a Maternity Photo shoot – DO IT!  My husband and I had a lot of fun doing this!  We had so many great laughs together and it was a great way for us to spend some time together in a different way.  And if you live in the DC Metro area, I highly recommend Woodburn Photography (leave a comment below if you have questions)!

My Tips for a Successful Maternity Photo Shoot

–Look at photos online and share with your photographer examples of “must have” photos

–Let the photographer pose you, but also jump in with ideas and pose yourselves (you know what feels most comfortable and the photographer can see what will look best).  You have to be as creative as the photographer in order to share your personality!

–Bring several outfits. Some colors and materials look better on film than others. Plus you want to get various styles of photos, i.e. more formal, relaxed, playful, natural.

–Bare your belly! I am quite shy with my body but the purpose of a maternity shoot is to capture the beauty that doesn’t always look or feel beautiful.  Bring a tank top to lift up and show your stomach!  Don’t worry, your photographer can photo-shop stretch marks or other imperfections if you simply ask!

–Let your photographer know “what to look for”.  I told Mike “No rolls!”  So if I was posing in a way that was giving me an added roll, he would show me the photo and then reposition me to eliminate the not so flattering feature!

–Incorporate your husband/partner in many of the shots.  He/She will give you confidence and make you feel less intimated when being photographed!

–Find out if the photographer has props in advance.  If not, bring your own (The Dollar Store or Michael’s are inexpensive ways to get some cute items to use).  Need ideas?  Think wood letter blocks to spell out “Baby” or “Girl” or “Boy”; a blue or pink ribbon to tie around your stomach; stickers that write a message on your belly; or a picture of the sonogram that you can hold.

–Eat before the photo shoot so you avoid getting cranky!  And bring a snack and drink, just in case hunger sets in!


3 thoughts on “Tyra Would Be Proud…Our Maternity Photo Shoot Experience

  1. Hey

    So CUTEEEEE I love reading your entries Great JOB!!! You definitely are a talented young lady 🙂 So PROUD of you and all that you have accomplished You
    amaze me more and MORE everyday!!!! I am truly BLESSED to have you as a daughter-in-law Way to go BJ

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