Hot Chocolate, Crossiants & Water Oh My!

I never really understood the coffee shop rage that hit the scene years back.  Even now, I am not a coffee drinking although both my parents swore I would acquire a love for the taste and caffeine addition after college (which didn’t happen) and then again, once I entered the workforce (which also didn’t happen).  But since pregnant, I have finally learned why people love Starbucks, Caribou and all the other overpriced café like chains that calm your addictive needs!

My latest crave is hot chocolate (topped with whipped cream)!  I love how it warms me up and has such a stronger taste then the powdered box packets.  I look forward to it (even with its steep price tag) almost every morning.  I also love croissants and recently discovered that Starbucks sells them!  I grew up eating croissants and a million other types of bread because my father worked for bakery distributors for many years.  And then I went to Paris this summer and I had the most.amazing.crossiants.ever!  Once pregnant and once into my second trimester I reflected on the buttery taste of the croissant and was on a mission to find one.  Mission complete.  My other newest crave is water.  Weird right?  Well, I have never been a water drinker – I have had to force myself to drink the necessary amounts and pre-pregnancy used water only when mixed with Crystal Light packets.  Now I love ice, cold, freezing water – it is so refreshing!


One thought on “Hot Chocolate, Crossiants & Water Oh My!

  1. water???? yuk! I have to FORCE myself to drink the stuff. All I want all day long is an ice cold pepsi but I limit myself to one per day 😦 Its great that you are craving stuff that is not bad for you!

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