My Maternity Winter Jacket – Old Navy

I had no idea that Old Navy had a maternity clothing line that is rather affordable, compared to most.  Yesterday, I spent $120 on only TWO items at Pea In A Pod.  I would never even spend that amount of money on two items when not pregnant, but the designers know that when expecting and growing by the minute, you are at their mercy trying to find outfits that make you look and feel slightly smaller regardless of the expense.

My co-worker who is also expecting told me about the Old Navy online maternity store and alerted me to a outerwear sale they were having a few weeks back.  I jumped at the opportunity to purchase a winter jacket for only $30!  Of course it is not my most favorite coat, however it fits comfortably, has room to grow, keeps me warm and was cheap!

I highly suggest looking at the Old Navy site for winter jackets – they regularly have sales.  And although the coat I purchased is now $80, I wouldn’t doubt that as Christmas approaches prices will drop again.

When purchasing Old Navy maternity clothing and jackets I suggest picking the size you were prior to pregnancy as I have found their clothing to fit true to size.  Also make sure to check out and search this “printable coupon” blog where you can get online codes when purchasing items:


3 thoughts on “My Maternity Winter Jacket – Old Navy

  1. Hey There, found your blog via Fertility Forums and have been following for a couple of months now. It’s always so eye opening and humanizing to be able to follow along with other women who are currently in the throws of pregnancy, especially when they went through as much as I have in order to finally reach this point. Phewww. Anywho, I wanted to point out that H&M stores now carry maternity clothes and they are great! Oh, AND cheap! Really good stuff. Not sure if they have one in your area but if they do, you must check them out. Also Forever 21 apparently has maternity clothes. go figure! I’m hoping to check them out too, as long as they’re not uber hoochie-fied clothes. 🙂


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