Our 19 Week Check-up

This has been the only time in my life when I actually look forward to and enjoy my scheduled doctor visits.  I have always feared the doctor’s office expecting to be told I am dying even when visiting for a sinus infection or sore throat.  The thought of needing a physicians care invokes irrational fears in my quite creative mind and I began my pregnancy and frequent doctor visits anticipating bad news each time.  Lucky enough, each vile of blood that was drawn and tested for multiple diseases, deficiencies and so on, came back with positive news that allowed me to relax and think “maybe I will live”.

So last week we embarked upon our 19 week visit that once again put me at ease…that is, except for the weight gain.  Take a look at my stats below –

Pee: good! (I still don’t know exactly what they are checking for here)

Weight gain over 4 weeks: 8 lbs (hmmm, yea. Not on target! I almost fell over, but my doctor assured me that most women’s weight spikes around this timeframe and that I have nothing to worry about yet.)

Blood Pressure: good

Heartbeat: Good, I guess. Didn’t get the heart rate number this time. Now that I know we are expecting a girl I don’t worry as much as to the high or low of the number (we were always trying to guess the gender previously based on this) and am content with knowing the heart is strong and the beats are consistent.

Concerns: I asked the doctor if I should avoid any cleaning supplies, he responded in a whisper “How would you like me to respond?” (wink, wink) with my husband sitting next to me.  He said that as long as I was not using cleaning products for a extend period of time in a small area I should be fine. We also discussed getting the flu shot (which I am not completely sold on).

Our next visit is the week of Christmas! Can’t wait to know how my little angel is doing then.  And hopefully the scale will be a bit more kind!



5 thoughts on “Our 19 Week Check-up

  1. Getting the flu shot while pregnant is SAFE and highly recommended. I would have thought they would have asked about the flu shot earlier, it is already Dec.

  2. I highly recommend getting a thimerisol free flu shot. One, you dont want to get the flu (which now includes H1N1) while you are preggers AND your baby will not be able to get a flu shot until she is 6 months old. BUT if you get the flu shot she will have some protection from the antibodies she gets from you 🙂 I honestly was scared since I have never had a flu shot in my life but it was really no big deal! That being said, you are the mommy and the decision is yours 🙂

    Oh and in regards to your last post and question to me…yes I deleivered at Fair Oaks and it was wonderful! I also had preterm labor at 32 weeks and spent quite a bit of time in L&D…the nurses are amazing.

  3. I hesitate getting it because on my mom’s side everyone who gets it has had a bad reaction. I also have read about many women with a normal pregnancy who after the flu shot miscarried and this is at 18+ weeks. I actually have read that a few OBGYN’s recommend not getting it until the 3rd trimester. Plus, getting the vaccine doesn’t mean you won’t get the flu. At the same time, pregnancy compromises the immune system…I don’t know what I will do.

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I am six weeks behind you…I don’t have any other preggo friends yet, so I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog posts and “comparing notes.” Yay on finding out you have a girl…so excited for you!

  5. Hey there! I just found out your blog and am a big (a lot!) ahead of you as I am now 41+5weeks into my pregnancy. We are waiting to be induced tomorrow as my little one isn’t in a hurry to show up! I am also a NICU nurse and just thought I would answer you regarding your urine. When they do the checks, they are looking for protein in the urine, sugar and sometimes, leukocytes (white blood cells) that would indicate a urine infection. It all depends on which “pee stick” they use! Hope his helps and good luck with your pregnancy!

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