Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

Tomorrow my husband and I will find out the gender of our baby!  I know I should be excited but I am actually more nervous, for so many reasons.  For 4 weeks we have been counting down to this day focusing on male or female, daughter or son, vagina or penis!  We haven’t really acknowledged that during this sonogram the doctor is looking for fetal anomalies, counting each and every finger and toe, examining the heart and seeing if the 4 chambers are present and developing correctly, looking at the spine, neck, brain, heart – you name it.  It is a full physical and extensive ultrasound and the joy of the gender is almost an after thought as I will feel more joy simply knowing I am growing a healthy baby!  Oh, I am so worried!  I suppose my motherly instincts have already kicked in.  <Currently telling myself to breath as I write these lines…>

My husband said tomorrow is a defining day in our life as all our thoughts will now shift to princesses and Barbie’s or trucks and footballs.  He said, “Think about it.  On November 19th knowing the babies gender will begin to shape how we view our future.  When we envision our home or the things we do, we will be able to place a little girl or boy into the picture”.  WOW, a little boy or girl – our own child.  It is still hard to believe that we will be parents, responsible for another life.

Of course I will provide an update sometime this weekend sharing the news with you all, so stay tuned!  Fingers-crossed and prayers requested for a positive doctor’s visit that shares only good news!

And PS – I think we are having a boy, he thinks girls and we are BOTH adamant that we are right!  And the truth is, I don’t care, boy or girl! Prior to becoming pregnant I always wanted a girl.  I couldn’t imagine my life without pigtails and dance recitals.  But now I want a baby – boy or girl.  I simply want a healthy baby because I know either way I will experience joy and love like never before!

Don’t forget to click here to vote on if you think we will have a boy or girl!


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!

  1. I am very excited to find out the gender of the baby. I wish we were all there to share in this beautiful time in your lives. I am glad you started this blog so I can read all about your pregnancy. Enjoy your time to write and describe your thoughts and feelings. Once Baby Koubaroulis arrives you won’t have as much time! They are totally worth it. It reminds me I haven’t touched Logan’s baby book in a long time. Poor kid, he will have to look at our blog to find out about his life.

    Here is what you have to look forward too..Ben and I were talking about something..and Logan looks at me and says “top” (stop, signals stop to me), “Momma top”. They are so funny when they are learning words, and how to phrase sentences. I wish I had a camera on 24-7 to look back at all of those little moments.

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