Another 4 Week Check-up

We had another check-up with our new obgyn office.  In the beginning of pregnancy you visit your obgyn every four weeks.  At first different blood work and tests are run, after those are completed your visits mostly consist of peeing in a cup, checking your blood pressure and weight gain (not fun); a feel around your belly for measurements; listening for the heartbeat; and time for any questions and concerns.

Pee: good! (I still don’t know exactly what they are checking for here)

Weight gain over 4 weeks: 2.25 lbs (on target)

Blood Pressure: good

Heartbeat: 160 (old wives tell continue to point to girl based on the high heartbeat)

Concerns: When the nurse put the Doppler on my belly it took her what seemed like forever (but was probably only 45 seconds) to find the heartbeat.  My own heart stopped. I was so scared.  Once I heard the fast boom-boom I felt so relieved.

The nurse reviewed our genetic test results and commented on how wonderful the results were.  My husband and I both smiled at each other feeling like our baby has already had some accomplishments in his/her life!

And big news – We will find out the gender of our baby on November 19th! I always thought that you had to be at 20 weeks to find out if you are carrying a boy or girl.  We found out that you can have this ultrasound down between 18 – 20 weeks so we will be 18 weeks and 3 days pregnant when we find out what color room we will be painting the nursery!


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