13 ½ Weeks Pregnant and…..

We picked out and put a deposit down on our baby furniture!  I know, current mom’s and moms-to-be probably think we are nuts and a bit ahead of the game.  This was easily noticeable when at the furniture stores I was the only pregnant woman not showing.  All the other females were more than likely 20+ weeks just now seriously deciding what type and color crib to purchase.

But those pregnant women are not married to my husband.  Let me explain…

My husband is a spontaneous, likes-to-get-things-done-right-away kind of guy.  He is not a procrastinator and hates feeling the pressure of a lingering “to do” list.  The day we found out we were pregnant my husband said “Oh my gosh, what do we have to do to prepare?! Let’s start now!  What can we buy today?”  I took him to Borders to purchase some books.  That seemed to calm him for a few weeks!  But as each week passed and we crossed our Tuesday milestone counting down to the arrival of our first baby, my husband impatiently reminded me we have things to accomplish.  I’ve brushed off his concerns until last week when we had our first baby furniture store visit.

We headed out to Manassas, Virginia to “Baby to Teen Furniture”.  Once there I was happy to see the variety and large volume of baby items.  However, once we started to look at the pieces and talk to a sales person I realized besides color and price, we weren’t aware of other factors to consider regarding safety, style etc.  It was the first time I felt overwhelmed as a mom-to-be knowing that after the crib I needed to research strollers, car seats, bassinets and more.  I decided we had to get started immediately!  My husband was right!

That night I quickly started to read Baby Bargains by Denise and Alan Fields (you can watch my video here explaining why this book is so wonderful) and immediately felt more informed.  I knew our next visit to a furniture store would be more successful because we now knew what to look for and what questions to ask.

So this weekend we ventured out to Gaithersburg, Maryland to “Great Beginnings”.  We instantly saw the same crib I had been eyeing at “Baby to Teen Furniture” and we were mostly convinced this was “the one” until my husband shook the railing and it wobbled a bit too much.  He shook the railing of the crib next to it and it barley moved – it was quite a difference and this small test had us circling the store once again looking for a different crib.

We wound up both liking a crib from the same manufacturer of the 1st crib whose railing wasn’t as sturdy as we liked.  The salesman at “Great Beginnings” told us to hold off on putting a deposit down until we went home to tape out the baby room.  THIS WAS THE BEST ADVICE WE COULD HAVE EVER RECEIVED.  Since we had the manufacturer’s brochure we had the exact dimensions of the different possible pieces available for purchase.  Rather then just measure the square feet of the room we taped out the different pieces of furniture to see where and how they would fit.  Because of this suggestion we wound up ordering 2 totally different pieces of furniture that were a bit smaller and better fit in the soon-to-be nursery.

So 13 ½ weeks pregnant and we have picked out and purchased a crib, tall dresser, short dresser, and a custom changing table piece that mounts on top of the dresser (once I have a picture of this piece I will share it with you because this is an amazing invention)!

Here is crib we picked out – Munire “Urban” style.  Everything we purchased is in white.

Now we are onto researching strollers!!!


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