More Lessons Learned

Don’t put food in front of a pregnant woman. She will eat it even if not hungry.  She may feel bloated, fat, and crampy, but she will still dive into the hot chocolate brownie!

Its true women should always be lady like, however that rule disappears with pregnancy as the gas is uncontrollable. If you put 5 pregnant women in a room together after a taco dinner the gas might be enough to extinct a small village.  Embarrassing but true.  Learn to breathe using only your mouth!

There are days that you will be irritated by the slightest, smallest things that someone says or does. It could be the look someone gave you; the smell of your co-workers gross lunch; or it could be nothing at all.  This is normal. It is not you but the raging hormones that have temporarily taken over your body!

Pregnant women’s boobs do not look like non-pregnant women’s boobs. No details added here.  Future-daddy’s-to-be will find this out all on their own one day!

When and how much each woman worry’s throughout pregnancy varies. I have always suffered with anxiety and thought I would be a total wreck from the time I found out we conceived.  I have unexpectedly been calm throughout this whole process focusing only on the good, joyous happenings that pregnancy has offered.  However, this past week as the reality sets in that my baby is growing and bound for this world in a few short months, worry has set in.  I am attached and in love my child.  I think about him/her all the time and envision how I will parent and express my love to my child.  I even dream of how hard it will be to discipline my baby (except when they are a teenager!).  With this intensified love for someone I have never meant comes extreme worry that any small thing can go wrong before I give birth.  I try not to let these negative thoughts creep into my brain, but I think it is only natural until the moment you hold your child in your arms, to worry about their well-being.  So family and husbands, don’t ever tell us we are being ridiculous – simply value how much we care for our unborn child.


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