A Half-Full Closet

This past weekend we had another successful yard sale making $331!  Although it is still 90 degrees here, my husband took down all our winter clothes and decided we should go through them and keep what we want and sell the rest.  Whatever didn’t sell we drove directly to Good Will.  But that still left us with 8+ plastic containers filled with a large amount of “keep” clothes!  I spent 5 hours today going through my closet, dresser, and containers identifying more clothes I wanted to donate; clothes I want to keep but won’t be able to fit into for many months; and winter clothes I think may stretch with me for at least a few more weeks (fingers crossed)!

I can tell you that a pregnant woman’s closet is a lot less full than a non-pregnant woman’s closet.  Typically I have clothes from one end of the rack to the other.  A lot of it is usually filler, items that I may wear once during a season but need for a “just in case” moment.   Now, after my massive seasonal cleaning, my closet remains halfway empty.  At least now my husband will believe me when I say “I have no clothes”! hehe.


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