Meeting Poppy for The First Time!

We went to our first “big” appointment at the doctor’s office today!  We had an internal ultrasound and were able to see our baby!  It was so funny when the technician put this wand-looking instrument (with a condom atop it!) inside my vagina and said “You’re definitely pregnant”.  I laughed thinking, “I thought that fact was already established!”  BJ and I were amazed when we saw the baby’s heart beat.  It looks like two tiny lips opening and closing at a rapid pace.  The technician said they like to see a minimum heart rate of 100 – 120.  Our little Poppy had a heart rate of 148!  He (I really am thinking boy) is a strong baby so far and put my mind at ease for the time being.  At one moment I started laughing really hard and you could see the baby being bounced around in my belly!  How amazing is that?

This is what a baby looks like at week 7.  The baby’s shape is similar to a seahorse and is actually no bigger than a blueberry right now!  The umbilical cord is just forming and the baby doesn’t have arms or legs yet – just stumps!  Once you start going through the journey of pregnancy you truly learn what a miracle it is to conceive and develop a baby inside your womb.  I never realized that I was first a fish (sperm), then a fish with no tail (the tail falls off after entry), and then a seahorse all before morphing into a full human!  And think about this – each one of us reading this blog entry beat out thousands and many times million of other sperm to create who we are today.  That means either all the other sperm were really lazy that day or we were all strong, competitive beings from the start!

Here is a picture of our baby! Your guess is as good as mine as to what is what.  I thought I would be hanging onto every pixel in this photo needing to identify any possible body part, but none of that mattered to me once I knew we had healthy baby developing on target fluttering  away in my belly!

Oh and most important, our due date was confirmed!!! April 19, 2011


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