The War Against Stretch Marks

I’m Pregnant.  Holy crap.  I hope I don’t get stretch marks.  Okay, maybe my train of thought wasn’t exactly in that order, but it was close.  I knew this area of concern needed my attention immediately, so the night a “Yes” showed up on the pee stick my husband began lathering my belly, back, and thighs with what we had in stock – Vaseline Total Moisture Conditioning.  I wasn’t sure this would save me from stretch marks but I knew it would start to prep my skin and add to its elasticity.  I also knew I needed the real-deal-lotion if I had any chance of beating the possible stretch-mark-war.

Let’s face it – pregnancy steals so much of your vanity from the acne, swollen breasts, brown nipples, rounded belly, and potent gas – the most “womanly” experience in the world leaves you feeling unattractive and barely desired.  Luckily most of these pregnancy symptoms disappear once your baby is born.  Stretch marks though, they weasel their way into best friend status, sticking around though the good and bad…forever.

I’ve read articles on the internet and have also read the frequent Negative Nancy responses on message boards that reiterate the “scientific knowledge “ that genetics predetermines whether you will fall victim to these awful crooked lines.  I refuse to accept this as truth even if truthful!  The hope I harbor in my bottles of cream give me joy, they allow me to feel responsible and accountable for my stretch-mark-free future!

So now for the important information – which creams work and smell (crucial when pregnant) the best?

$4  Vaseline Total Moisture Conditioning – I still use this in the morning so that I am lubricating my stomach but not attaching oils to my work clothes.

$6  Palmer’s Tummy Butter – Probably the oldest, most popular formula used before my mother was pregnant.  But oh the smell, it made me want to gag.  Plus the cream is quite thick and sticks to your nails!

$20  Bio Oil – My favorite pick.  It goes on smoothly and has little odor.  More importantly I have read great feedback on its use.  Bio Oil not only helps with stretch marks but it also helps with scares and uneven skin tones.

Other mom’s-to-be recommend:

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Balm

Mama Mio Strech Mark Cream

Belly Rub


Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy


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